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An Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSMS) is intended to provide a framework for developing and implementing improvements in occupational health and safety within an organistion, whilst ensuring that applicable acts and regulations are satisfied.

We have vast experience developing and implementing OH&S Management Systems within many industries, and in many business environments. In all instances our approach recognises an organisation's needs and goals, including but not limited to the need for regulatory compliance.

Critical to the success of the system is the communication and cultural change required to make an entire organisation embrace safety. Our consultants can be invaluable in ensuring that this process occurs, providing effective and insightful mechanisms by which the necessary cultural change can be affected.



Our auditing and reviewing services are intended to complement an organisations needs. Organisations that are in the early stages of developing and implementing improvements have different needs to organisations that are aiming for world's best practices in regard to how they are managing workplace health and safety.

The audits we perform can be designed to meet your specific needs, or can use a specific standard from any of examples below:

ul_arrow  State or Commonwealth OH&S legislation including OFSC criteria

ul_arrow  AS 4801 / 4804 Management Systems Audits.

ul_arrow  OH&S Management Systems Audits.

ul_arrow  Due Diligence Audits.

ul_arrow  OH&S Training Audits (Training Needs Analysis).

ul_arrow  Facility and property audits, including public areas


Latest News & Updates

Thorn Airfield Lighting achieves AS4801

Congratulations to Thorn Airfield Lighting having achieved AS 4801 OHS certification and systems development to Federal Safety Commission (FSC) accreditation standards.


Aeramix Achieves Triple Certification

Leading water treatment and construction company Aeramix has achieved triple certification to ISO 4001, AS 4801 and ISO 9001 within 4 months of project initiation. 


OFSC Safety Accreditation

Gusher Pty Ltd achieves OFSC accreditation

Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) safety accreditation is required for many companies undertaking Commonwealth Government contracts, and is a challenging accreditation to achieve. 

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