Environment Managment System

CRUSE Partnership Australia has extensive experience in developing environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 14001.

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a continual cycle of planning, implementing, reviewing and improving the processes and actions that an organisation undertakes to meet its business and environmental goals. Most EMSs are built on the "Plan, Do, Check, Act" model, and incorporate modern Risk Management processes.

Our consultants can assist in the implementation of this model and the ongoing management of your EMS, or can apply their expertise to specific projects, sites or aspects of a process or your business. Ask us about how your existing quality management system can be used as a foundation for an EMS.

CRUSE Partnership Australia conducts Risk Assessments in relation to many types of situations and workplaces. The Risk Assessments are intended to objectively identify hazards that could injure a person or cause the company, the environment or the public loss, and using risk analysis techniques to quantify the degree of risk.

Project Planning

CRUSE Partnership Australia can assist in the management of environmental considerations associated with project planning and delivery, including the development and delivery of project environmental management plans.

During project delivery we are able to provide a monitoring and audit role, including the provision of reports to management and government stakeholders. We are able to advise on, and where required manage incident reporting to regulatory authorities discharge the project managers environmental obligations during project delivery.

Our consultants have expertise in the areas of hazardous materials, dangerous goods, waste management, legislative compliance and soil and groundwater contamination.

Environmental aspects and impacts

Environmental aspects and impacts describe the interaction between business activities and the environment. We can assist in the review of your business as a whole or with a project or a specific area of interest and determine the related environmental aspects and impacts. Our consultants have the broad skill base necessary to assist virtually any business in this task.

The aspects and impacts can be used to drive environmental objectives and targets. We can discuss these with you, and help to formulate objectives that are understood by your employees, achievable within your business, and importantly, measurable.


Latest News & Updates

Thorn Airfield Lighting achieves AS4801

Congratulations to Thorn Airfield Lighting having achieved AS 4801 OHS certification and systems development to Federal Safety Commission (FSC) accreditation standards.


Aeramix Achieves Triple Certification

Leading water treatment and construction company Aeramix has achieved triple certification to ISO 4001, AS 4801 and ISO 9001 within 4 months of project initiation. 


OFSC Safety Accreditation

Gusher Pty Ltd achieves OFSC accreditation

Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) safety accreditation is required for many companies undertaking Commonwealth Government contracts, and is a challenging accreditation to achieve. 

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